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The Founder

Hi there, I am John Stambaugh, the founder of United Media Collective! Here are a couple of quick facts about me: I love Jesus with my whole heart. I really love people. Quoting movies with my little sister is a real hobby. I’m big on great coffee (let’s get some soon!). Music is a big part of my life. I never read as much as I want to. And finally, I started this company because I desire to show each person how valuable they are by tangibly documenting and telling their story!

the collective

United Media Collective is a small group of creatives dedicated to telling the stories of wanderers. Each of us has an intense passion for loving and serving others. We love honest emotion and true moments. We don’t love staging and false memories. We like to call ourselves storytellers and it would be an honor to tell your story! Click HERE to tell us your story!

*United Media Collective is a licensed LLC with business insurance coverage*


The Collective


Liz Rudman


Liz is an incredible artist and one of the few people that truly loves beauty. She is an aesthetic expert. She documents stories honestly and loves people exactly as they are. She also loves succulents, laughing a lot, photography, world adventure and dreaming big!  Her joy is overwhelming and you will definitely want to be her friend!


Austin Huhs


Austin has vision for creativity like few others. He is inspired by the outdoors, traveling, and adventure big and small. He is always thinking of new ideas and goes out of his way to make each film unique. He’s a bit of a gear-head, so expect him to have all the fun and fancy gadgets to make your film amazing. Also, you should see his beard now!


Caro Hirleman


Caro is as cool as her name suggests. She is easy going and gets along like old friends with every person she interacts with. She has a knack for making people feel comfortable and loved. She has traveled all over the world and is an OT in KC when she isn’t making awesome films. Also, her husband’s name is Jeff and so is her dog’s. She’s funny like that.